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The Oscars Best Picture PARODY

Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan Feb 26, 2014

Here you are. You're video parody of the 86th Academy Awards!

The 86th Academy Awards aka The Oscars are sunday so I thought I'd make a video that "parody nominees"... So I recreate all the Best Picture noms in a fun new way that also allowed you to feel like you've seen all the movies without seeing them. Basically its the Oscars in under two minutes! Because lets be real, no one wants to sit though all these movies... Some of them are in black and white and some of them are just not great. But the academy loves them thus we must make fun of them :)

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The nominees for Best Picture are: 

American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
12 Years a Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street

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I started a Vlog!

Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan Jan 29, 2014

Hey guys, I'm back and I started a vlog! I talk about all things on my mind, and I'm sure yours!

Check out my latest video: A Wild Vegas Adventure! - Shots! Shots! Shots!

Las Vegas is one crazy place! As you know if you watched my other videos, I went to vegas this weekend, and got zero sleep! Was it worth it though? YES! Ahaha. Check out my sweet adventure in the video. Oh and did I mention, I got some sick Adventure Time toys from Mc Donald's? Well I did, and they are awesome!

Know things before they happens:

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Your new obsession: - GO!

I started a Vlog!

Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan Jan 29, 2014

Hey guys, I'm back and I started a vlog! I talk about all things on my mind, and I'm sure yours!

Check out my latest video: A Wild Vegas Adventure! - Shots! Shots! Shots!

Las Vegas is one crazy place! As you know if you watched my other videos, I went to vegas this weekend, and got zero sleep! Was it worth it though? YES! Ahaha. Check out my sweet adventure in the video. Oh and did I mention, I got some sick Adventure Time toys from Mc Donald's? Well I did, and they are awesome!

Know things before they happens:

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VIDEO: Labyrinth Inspired DIY Moss Monster

Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan Nov 04, 2012

Hosts Armen Atoyan and Stephanie Shaw take ordinary nick-nacks and transform them into unexpected DIY crafts and more!

Today we are showing you how to create Moss Monsters inspired by the David Bowie film Labyrinth! This episode is all about creating the EYE MONSTER!!! We'll show you what you need, how to use them, and the step necessary to create the perfect DIY Moss Monster!

Have you seen Labyrinth?

What's your favorite part?

Show us your CraftFormations!!! Email us at


Director, Executive Producer, and Editor: Justin Morrison
Host, Producer, and Writer: Armen Atoyan
Host, Producer, and Writer: Stephanie Shaw

'The Hunger Games': Carly Steel Gives Buzznet a Backstage Pass

Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan Mar 25, 2012

Buzznet and I got the chance to sit down with TV Guide host Carly Steel who gave us the inside scoop on everything Hunger Games! She also is super stylish and shares style tips and trends that she predicts will be hot for Spring/Summer. Carly can regularly be seen on EPIX, TV Guide Network, and NowLive covering all things entertainment and movies. Be sure to Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and WhoSay.

Armen Atoyan: In addition to TV Guide Network and NowLive, I hear you’ve also started hosting movie coverage for EPIX. What is EPIX?

Carly Steel: Epix is a big new cable TV channel that I’ve just started hosting for. I host EPIX News covering the major movie premieres and junkets. The Hunger Games was my first project with them. Epix is co-owned by Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount and is VOD and has a website with an expansive library of the biggest movies and original programming. What’s great about working with EPIX is that we have unparalleled access to the top movie talent and do exclusive 1:1 sit down interviews with the actors, sometimes before anyone else does. With The Hunger Games we had our own studio set up and did 1:1s with Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Lenny Kravitz, etc.

AA: What was your first celeb interview?

CS: Gosh my first interview is still, to this day, one of my biggest – the eternally dapper and dashing Mr. Richard Gere. It was for E! Online and it was my first ever movie junket so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and was kind of thrown into it (i.e. they needed someone to cover it last minute and I was the only person available so it all happened very quickly).

AA: You mentioned your exclusive interviews with the cast of The Hunger Games - which stars said something funny and what was it?

CS: There were 2 really funny moments that stood out for me:

The first was Jennifer Lawrence. She was my last interview of the day and she has a great, very self-deprecating, sense of humor. At the last minute my producer, Derek Ingber, said “ask Jennifer about the whistling.” So I told her I was really impressed with her amazing whistling in the film because I’m a terrible whistler. In true comedy of errors fashion, she took it as me having been informed by a mutual friend that she was in fact a bad whistler, then wanted to know how I knew this top secret info that she couldn’t whistle! To which I responded that I hadn’t in fact known, but now we all did as she just accidentally revealed it! She then admitted she had a “stunt whistler” in the film which was especially funny as she mastered all these crazy stunts, battled fire and the elements under sparse conditions, learned archery from an Olympian but couldn’t master whistling!

The second came from Donald Sutherland of all people, who I was not expecting to be funny, as Wes Bentley had just told me he didn’t need to act nervous in his scenes with him because he was genuinely afraid of him at first! I had heard whispers from the people who had seen him in the elevator that he was wearing an eye patch, but no one knew why as nobody had dared ask him because they were too intimated. I felt we really couldn’t start the interview without addressing it so after a brief chit chat about his penchant for British tea (PG tips) which he was carrying around, I said “should we say we’re at the junket for the Pirates of the Carribean 4? Why the eye patch, what happened?” To which quip-responded back that is was a hernia in his eye brought on by an “extreme case of constipation!” It was hysterical! He has a very dry sense of humor and the entire room erupted in laughter (of course you’re not supposed to do that as it can spoil the audio from the interview) and it probably drew a few gaps from his team too who were praying the answer wouldn’t be manipulated in edit and spread like wildfire as being the actual reason over the internet! Only Donald Sutherland can pull off that kind of cheeky, sardonic reply, his delivery is brilliant.

AA: Any interesting behind the scenes anecdotes?

CS: I learned that the cast loved playing pranks on each other which was unexpected. Elizabeth Banks was the first to reveal this, and then I found out she was in cahoots with Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence and they kept pranking everyone until the director, Gary Ross, and the crew decided to seek revenge. When they were filming the scene where Katniss, Effie and Peeta emerge from the elevator into the suite in the Capitol before the Games, Gary decided to have the entire crew hide so when they emerged from the elevator doors and started the scene no one was to be found! Jennifer said she stayed in character the longest before stopping and realizing there was no one there. I also learned that Lenny Kravitz really loved wearing his character Cinna’s gold “guyliner” so much that he is thinking of wearing it in real life. Only someone with his cool-factor could pull that off. He is as rockstar in person as you would imagine. You should also check out the interview with Wes Bentley where he talks about sporting that outrageous beard (which was real) around North Carolina when he wasn’t on set. Apparently the people at the Target at 2am didn’t even bat an eyelid!!

AA: What do you think is going to be the big celebrity style trends for Spring/Summer?

CS: There are a few trends we’re going to see on the red carpet this season – the boldest being bright citrus colors - yellow, orange etc, as recently sported by Elizabeth Banks during The Hunger Games promotional tour. Every time I saw her I wanted what she was wearing, and that was often my first question to her -  for my own benefit! I usually dislike saying “who are you wearing” but with Elizabeth I really wanted to know!

AA: Who is your style inspiration?

CS: I’ve always had a more classic approach to style, as opposed to uber-trendy. Having said that I do like to have a bit of an edge and I tend to be more daring when it comes to accessories, in particular shoes and bags. I like to opt for what is flattering and looks good on camera, I now have to camera test practically everything I wear!

Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Sofia Lauren are my style inspirations. In terms of modern day actresses who I find inspiring, I love Emma Stone, Rooney Mara, Kirsten Dunst and Evan Rachel Wood. They aren’t afraid to take risks and make edgy.

AA: What other exciting things have you got coming up?

CS: The next major film I’m covering for EPIX is The Avengers which I’m really looking forward to. If the trailer is anything to go by it’s going to be epic indeed! Tweet me @carlyjsteel if you have any questions you’d like me to ask him or any of The Avengers cast.

The Cannes film festival is also coming up – this will be my 3rd year in a row covering it and it’s one of my favorite film festivals to as you see all the new films that will be Oscar contenders next year. Just before Cannes I’m hosting the video coverage for Audi’s celebrity track day where 4 celebs are racing the new R8s in Sonoma. I’m also helping to launch the LuxeStyle site along with Giuliana Rancic, Daniella Clarke and Nony Tochterma. Luxestyle is a flash discount apparel website offering access to luxury products at a fraction of retail prices. I’m also presenting at the Prism Awards on April 19th which I’m very much looking forward to as it’s an awards show honoring the entertainment industry’s depiction of social issues. It’s being held at the Beverly Hills Hotel and is being aired on FX. Claire Danes, Tommy Lee Jones, Nick Nolte, Helen Mirren, and Russell Brand are among the nominees.

Want more Hunger Games? For full cast interviews, including coverage from the premiere and sit downs with Elizabeth Banks, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Donald Sutherland and Wes Bentley check out Carly on EpixHD.

Follow Carly on Twitter, Facebook, and WhoSay

Who's Your Hunger Games Crush?



BUZZNET Exclusive: Mickey Avalon Talks New Album And SXSW

Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan Mar 14, 2012

I got the chance to interview Mickey Avalon at his LA home to talk about his new album Loaded, which drops April 24, 2012!

You can pre-order the album HERE. Mickey will also be performing at this year's SXSW, so be sure and check out his Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Most people don't know it, but Mickey is also an amazing painter. He has paintings all over his LA home, most of which were done by him. Almost all of them also include nudity, but I managed to get a picture of a few PG-rated paintings. The painting in the video is a portrait of Mickey Avalon and was a gift from one of his friends.

What's your favorite Mickey Avalon song?


Top 5 Tuesday Food Network Stars We Love

Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan Mar 06, 2012

Food Network is full of characters, but we all have our favorites. There are so many to choose from, but these are my top 5 Food Network stars:

1. Paula Deen

Everything's better with a stick of butter ya'll!

2. Bobby Flay

He'll throw down!

3. Anne Burrell

Her hair must be full of secrets...

4. Guy Fieri

Driving us all over the U.S.!

5. Ina Garter

She's classy and sassy.


Who's your favorite Food Network star?


One More Disney Day: My 24-Hour Leap Year At Disneyland [VIDEO]

Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan Mar 01, 2012

Stephanie Shaw and I attended the historical "One More Disney Day" last night to celebrate the extra day of Leap Year on Wednesday, Feb. 29. This is the first time the park has stayed open for a whole 24 hours! It was pretty awesome.

Both Disneyland and Disney World were offering "One More Disney Day" for visitors to hang out with Mickey Mouse from 6 a.m. Wednesday, Feb 29th to 6 a.m. Thursday, March 1st.

The whole experience was amazing, and my personal favorite event of the night was watching the sun rise while sitting at a cafe in Disneyland drinking hot chocolate.


Did you go to "One More Disney Day"?



Top 5 Tuesday: 'Mean Girls' Quotes

Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan Feb 21, 2012

Mean Girls, everyone's favorite movie. Don't deny it, you know you quote it all the time! As one of Tina Fey's first films and the movie that shot Lindsay Lohan to stardom, it has become a cult classic. I know the movie is loaded with hilarious one-liners, but here is a list of my top five favorite quotes:

1. Glenn Coco

"Four for you Glenn Coco. You go Glenn Coco!"

2. I'm A Cool Mom

"I'm not like a regular mom. I'm a cool mom."

3. Reasons Regina George is Awesome!

"One time she punched me in the face... It was awesome!"

4. ESPN?

"It's like I have ESPN or something. My breasts can always tell when it's going to rain... Well, they can tell when it's raining"

5. Rainbows and Cupcakes

"She doesn't even go here!"


What's your favorite Mean Girls Quote?


Top 5 TV Shows You're Not Watching But Should Be

Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan Feb 14, 2012

I love TV, movies, and well, pretty much all things entertainment. But when it comes to TV shows, I love the comedies. Personally, I think drama should be left for movies. Here is my list of comedy shows on TV that you probably are not watching but should be! A few of these shows may no longer be on-air, but hello HULU, Netflix, SideReel... they all exist!

1. Archer

Catch this show on Thursdays at 10 on FX

2. Angry Boys

Catch it Sundays at 10 on HBO2.

3. Web Therapy

This was on Showtime for one season but originally started and continues as a web series. You can watch the 3 minute therapy sessions on L/Studio. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.


4. Allen Gregory

Since no one watched it was recently canceled. But watch it on so you can understand its greatness.

5. Arrested Development

Ahead of its time, this literally perfect television show was cancelled after 3 seasons in 2006. Now in 2012 FOX has decided to bring it back with a 4th season and a long awaited movie! So don't be 'that guy' that has never seen this brilliant comedy. Watch it here or on Netflix, but I suggest you just buy it on DVD... Yes, it's that good!


What's your favorite show on TV?


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